[POD]SNAPPERS | 027 | FINALLY, the WWE Has Come BACK…to Creativity!

Episode 27: FINALLY, the WWE Has Come BACK…to Creativity!

Suggitt and Schulke are joined by Nate the F’n Great from the Squared Circle Podcast, as we discuss things we thought were GLORIOUS about WWE in 2016. Note: We don’t “bro-out” too much, so you’ll like it even if you’re not a rasslin’ fan.

[POD]SNAPPERS | 026 | Sea Stories with Suggitt & Schulke, Pt. 03

Episode 26: Sea Stories with Suggitt & Schulke, Pt. 03

This week, Suggitt and Schulke recount stories that are both vaguely Navy-related AND winter-related. So gather the whole family ’round the Kindle Fire, and let us stuff your stockings with seamen this Xmasxmasxmasxmas.

[POD]SNAPPERS | 025 | The War on Christmas

Episode 25: War on Christmas

Suggitt and Schulke wanted to talk about The War on Christmas, so this week’s episode was done via Skype so we could have discussion while staying in our respective safe spaces. We hope you’ll grab an inoffensive cup of gingerbread latte and join us.

[POD]SNAPPERS | 023 | FB-Policing Hover-Parents

Episode 23: FB-Policing Hover-Parents

This week, Tegan, Corey, and Schulke discuss the phenomenon of people – particularly parents – who hijack and kill the comments sections of your FB posts, either by making things all about them, or by acting as hall monitor.

[POD]SNAPPERS | 021 | Heroes – Mike Judge

Episode 21: Heroes – Mike Judge

For this week’s special “Heroes” episode, OTH and Schulke sing the praises of somebody we should all surely be thankful for, Mike Judge. Happy Holidays, Bung-Snappers! Huh-huh huh-huh…

[POD]SNAPPERS | 020 | Black Friday

Episode 20: Black Friday

This week, Tegan, Corey, and Schulke discuss “The Trifecta of Black Friday Podsnappery” – consumers, businesses, and retail workers. Is everything tied to Black Friday necessarily unreasonable? Meet us in the bitterly cold Best Buy parking lot at 3am next Friday to find out!

[POD]SNAPPERS | 019 | Cellphone Shaming

Episode 19: Cellphone Shaming

This week’s episode starts with my big, weird, abstract explanation of why we shouldn’t shame people for using their cellphone cameras at events like concerts. Then, Suggitt, OTH, and Schulke have a big discussion about it, that includes some personal experiences.