[POD]SNAPPERS | 020 | Black Friday

Episode 20: Black Friday

This week, Tegan, Corey, and Schulke discuss “The Trifecta of Black Friday Podsnappery” – consumers, businesses, and retail workers. Is everything tied to Black Friday necessarily unreasonable? Meet us in the bitterly cold Best Buy parking lot at 3am next Friday to find out!

[POD]SNAPPERS | 019 | Cellphone Shaming

Episode 19: Cellphone Shaming

This week’s episode starts with my big, weird, abstract explanation of why we shouldn’t shame people for using their cellphone cameras at events like concerts. Then, Suggitt, OTH, and Schulke have a big discussion about it, that includes some personal experiences.

[POD]SNAPPERS | 016 | Comic Book Movie Super Heroes

Episode 16: Comic Book Movie Super Heroes

In this episode, OTH & Schulke nerd out over how much we love Captain America & Batman, and we even find a little time to discuss various ways in which comic book movies intersect with ideas of virtue & vice.

[POD]SNAPPERS | 015 | Fibbers, Falsifiers, Fabricators, Frauds, & Fable-Tellers

Episode 15: Fibbers, Falsifiers, Fabricators, Frauds, & Fable-Tellers

This week, Suggitt, OTH, and Schulke discuss the fascinating and often hilarious spectrum of lying, and we speculate on how the endgames of liars can tie into meticulous methodology, complacent habit, mental issues, or just wanting a cookie.

[POD]SNAPPERS | 014 | Heroes – Malala-Jesus-Stanhope, Part 2 of 2

Episode 14: Heroes – Malala-Jesus-Stanhope, Part 2 of 2

If you’ve ever wondered why the kids think Jesus and Doug Stanhope are all the rage, look no further! In this episode – part 2 of 2 – Corey explains why they are exemplary (as Schulke did with Malala, in part 1, posted yesterday). Enjoy!

[POD]SNAPPERS | 013 | Heroes – Malala-Jesus-Stanhope, Part 1 of 2

Episode 13: Heroes – Malala-Jesus-Stanhope, Part 1 of 2

Corey and Schulke thought we could explain in just one episode why Malala Yousafsai, Jesus, and Doug Stanhope are our heroes. What fools we were! This episode is part 1 of 2, and is all about my reverence of Malala. Stay tuned for part 2, coming tomorrow!

[POD]SNAPPERS | 012 | Sea Stories With Suggitt & Schulke, Pt. 02

Episode 12: Sea Stories With Suggitt & Schulke, Pt. 02

OTH asked Suggitt and Schulke a bunch of Navy questions, and the recording session for that was too big to be contained by one episode! So, here’s part two (part one was last week, so be sure to check that one out!)

With next week’s episode, we’ll be back to back to normal Podsnappers formula (but, I mean, what IS normal, anyway…) So, in the meantime, grab your Dixie Cup, tune in, and try not to get seasick, shippy!